Cuts and grazes

Most cuts and grazes can be treated at home and will start to heal in a few days. But some wounds may need to be treated by a medical professional if there's a risk of infection or the cut is serious.

Call 112 / 911 / 999 (or another number for a country you're in) or go to Emergency if:

Ask for an urgent doctor's appointment:

How to treat a cut or graze yourself

What to do if the wound is bleeding a lot:

How to clean and dress a cut or graze

If the bleeding has stopped, you can clean a small wound and then put a plaster or dressing over it.

Keep the dressing clean by changing it as often as you need. You can take it off after a few days, once the wound has closed.

Treatments for cuts and grazes

How a cut or graze is treated will depend on how bad it is and if there's a risk of it becoming infected.

The cut will be cleaned and closed with either stitches, strips or special glue before a dressing is put over it.

But the wound may not be closed straight away if it's infected or there's a risk it may get infected.

You may also need to have an injection to prevent tetanus or be given antibiotics if the cut could be infected.

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